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Introducing The Lightest 16" Waterproof Boot Ever Made!

Your first hands-on, feet-in introduction to LITE BOOTS is a JAW-DROPPING experience!

With each boot weighing in at approximately 13oz , LITE BOOTS are the benchmark in ultra-lightweight toughness, next-generation comfort and ease of use. Whether you’re all-weather hunting and fishing, farm and ranching, or home and gardening, LITE BOOTS are guaranteed game-changers.

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Tough, No-Leak Craftsmanship

Injection-molded (one-piece) LITE BOOTS have zero glued seams to delaminate, crack and leak, making them 100% waterproof!

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Built-In Insulation

Yes, they are warm! The technologically advanced materials and processes that create LITE BOOTS traps millions of microscopic air cells. The result is a wide measure of self-regulated temperature control, a spectrum that includes down-right-cold conditions. "True" temperature rating from 10F - 80F+

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Self-Forming Comfort

With wear, the soft comfort of LITE BOOTS only improves – exclusively fit-forming to your feet, creating cushy, semi-custom foot beds. The result is moccasin-like weight and supreme comfort, but with more durability and protection than any composite boot that’s ever been manufactured in North America.      

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Easy-On, Easy-Off

Unlike the form-and-function of Dad’s old suffocating
rubber boots, slipping into and removing LITE BOOTS does not require a team of people to remove them. LITE BOOTS’ ultralight material and heel tabs, together with slightly relaxed ankle-and-calf areas, allows you to single-handedly operate your own boots.      

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