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Kids Classic

Regular price $75.00

Color: Hunter Green

Time spent in the outdoors should be enjoyable for kids. It's much easier when they're not walking around with bricks on their feet! Our goal is to bring the LITE Boots experience to all ages. 

  • Height approximately 12in
  • 100% waterproof, seamless one-piece design!
  • Insulated (temp rating 10-80 degrees F)
  • Weight only 6oz per boot! (size 1)
  • Less than half the weight of similar waterproof boots
  • Very durable!
  • Does not come with insole, the insole is built into the boot itself and is Very comfortable, No More Boot Dryers!
  • Very easy to get on and off!
  • Rugged outsole for better traction in wet and muddy conditions


As awesome as these boots are, they don't like extreme temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (bed of your truck, or closed vehicle with no window tint), or high heat (furnace, fireplace), can cause these boots to shrink or deform. 

They can also develop a "memory", so don't leave them "squished" up for extended periods of time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brad McDonald
Second time purchase!

These have been mine and my kids favorite boots. The Kids classic make my boys be able to look cool and comfortable like daddy! Best ever, sending more guys your way!

Walker Wyatt

Kids Classic

Clay W.
Great for kids!!!

My son loves these boots. They are easy for him to get on and off. Not having a liner or insole is a huge plus for kids boots. The liners always start tearing in other boots and make it difficult for kids to get them on. With Lite boots even when he fills them with water we just hang the upside down overnight and they are dry the next day.

Gregory Jones
Great boots

I was amazed how lightweight these boots are. Great boots for kids.

Alex Foster

I bought my son and I a pair and so far, they're pretty awesome. My son, absolutely loves his. I would go as far to say they're his favorite shoe. Pic is the day we got them. It was 100° outside but my boy was ready to go to deer camp ha.

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