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16" Classic, WIDE CALF, Men's

Regular price $90.00

Color: Hunter Green

The lightest 16" Waterproof boot on the market. Don't let the simplicity of these boots fool you, they just work!!!

  • 100% waterproof, seamless one-piece design!
  • Insulated (temp rating 10-80 degrees F)
  • Weight only 13oz per boot! (size 10)
  • Less than half the weight of similar waterproof boots
  • Very durable!
  • Does not come with insole, the insole is built into the boot itself and is Very comfortable, No More Boot Dryers!
  • Very easy to get on and off!
  • Rugged outsole for better traction in wet and muddy conditions

***Sizing: We have worked hard to get our sizing just right, but with molded boots it is very tricky. The Wide calf boots run a little big in the foot area. On these boots we recommend "rounding down" (if you are an 11.5, you should order an 11)

***Calf Width: The opening at the top of these boots is approximately 21 inches (men's size 11).


As awesome as these boots are, they don't like extreme temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (bed of your truck, or closed vehicle with no window tint), or high heat (furnace, fireplace), can cause these boots to shrink or deform. 

They can also develop a "memory", so don't leave them "squished" up for extended periods of time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 200 reviews
Cory B
So lite!

So far, I’ve had these for two weeks. They feel weightless on your feet which I love. They’re very comfortable. I did get the wide calf because I have pretty big calves And it makes it very easy for these boots to come on and off. I have turkey hunted in them twice and also used them while weed eating. They are durable as a went through blackberry bushes, bull thistles and lots of other river shrubs and they held up great. No poke holes or even noticeable scratches. I will say the wide calf will catch a good amount of debris in the boot though. But it’s very easy to slip them off and dump it out. I love these boots but might try the original style next time.

David Criss

16" Classic, WIDE CALF, Men's

Riley McMillann

Love these things! Great customer service! However i did miss a bird last Saturday morning, do i blame the boots?!

Roger Bailey

16" Classic, WIDE CALF, Men's

Comfortable but not the most durable

I have owned a pair of these boots for about 3 months. During late winter and early fall I have worn them on and off around the farm and I really liked them. Very comfortable, extremely lite, and east to take on and off. Since turkey season has come in, I have worn these boots every day. Due to hunting a river bottoms, these boots have been a requirement. However, this past weekend I was going along a riverbank in some knee-high grass, and ran a 1" dia beaver chewed stick right thorough the boot, causing a rip about 3" long. Going to attempt a repair with a tire patch. In conclusion, love the boots, but be very careful around potential hazards.

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