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16" Classic, Men's

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Color: Hunter Green

The lightest 16" Waterproof boot on the market. Don't let the simplicity of these boots fool you, they just work!!!

  • 100% waterproof, seamless one-piece design!
  • Insulated (temp rating 10-80 degrees F)
  • Weight only 13oz per boot! (size 10)
  • Less than half the weight of similar waterproof boots
  • Very durable!
  • Does not come with insole, the insole is built into the boot itself and is Very comfortable, No More Boot Dryers!
  • Very easy to get on and off!
  • Rugged outsole for better traction in wet and muddy conditions

***Sizing: We have worked hard to get our sizing just right, but with molded boots it is very tricky. The boots fit pretty "true to size", and if you are a 1/2 size we recommend “rounding up”. (if you wear an 11.5, you should get a 12)

***Calf Width: If you have larger calves the top of the boot could be tight on your calf. The top of these boots are approximately 18.5 inches (men's size 11). We now offer a wide-calf model found on our products page.

Sizing Chart in the pictures section


As awesome as these boots are, they don't like extreme temperature. Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time (bed of your truck, or closed vehicle with no window tint), or high heat (furnace, fireplace), can cause these boots to shrink or deform. 

They can also develop a "memory", so don't leave them "squished" up for extended periods of time.


Customer Reviews

Based on 830 reviews
Kameron Norris
Lite Boots

Very lite and comfortable! Use for turkey hunting and are perfect!

Chase Coble
Decent boot

Very loose fitting, I will say first impressions they are VERY light. As for comfortability they’re not bad if you’re not doing a ton of walking. The insole is rough on your feet after a hard day of walking. Durability I give the same rating. They are starting to crease around the area the neck of the boot meets the ankle. Decent boot. Not perfect and not terrible.

Jud Alexander
Lite Boots

Great Product!!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!!

Easton anne smith
Knee boots

Seems they will be comfortable. Only worn for a short time and liked the feel and weight.

Zeke Nantz
New to the hype

Super light, maybe good for walkin from house to barn but walked 4 miles the first day with them and I was absolutely miserable and feet broke down l

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